Avionics has been the largest segment for Qualmark technology throughout our 20 year history, driven in large part by high risk/high safety “failure is not an option” mindset of space exploration requirements. Qualmark’s COE has extensive depth of experience in assisting avionics manufacturers achieve robust, reliable systems - from cockpit instrumentation to IFE (In-flight Entertainment) and all systems of the avionics bay.

SUCCESS PROFILE: Airframer Quality Improvement Program

An aircraft manufacturer instituted a defined project to increase reliability, minimize risk and reduce warranty expenses by improving the quality of products from its supply chain. Qualmark was recognized by the manufacturer as the best way to guarantee benefit from the effort due to COE's global reach and known consistency of technology application throughout Qualmark's network.

One example from this effort: Qualmark COE recognized that implementation of, and product-specific training in, accelerated stress testing would quickly advance the ability of this avionics supplier to meet/exceed the goals set by their customer. Working closely with this avionics supplier’s team, Qualmark COE developed a training and implementation program. The supplier then invited their aircraft customer to witness first-hand how the new program was able to quickly deliver direct actionable information in an area of design concern, which in turn, assured a more robust product for the aircraft manufacturer. The manufacturer now places high confidence in the competence and program execution of this supplier.

This aircraft subcontractor realized such excellent results in reliability improvement, reduced warranty expense and increased capabilities that it implemented Qualmark’s program in-house and has now launched the process across more than 25 other products.

RESULTS: Because this supplier now requires Qualmark recommended practices from its supply chain, it has solidified the strength of its relationship with existing aircraft manufacturing customers and significantly increased the number of products it sells. Product reliability has increased and warranty costs decreased. The bonus is that the increased in-house capabilities this customer implemented based on COE collaboration, made it far easier to win new contracts and expand its (happy) customer base.

The Return on Investment (ROI) from Qualmark COE solutions is proving to be quite substantial.

The Return on Investment (ROI) from Qualmark COE solutions is proving to be quite substantial.

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