HALT/HASS Environmental Chambers

Qualmark’s Typhoon Systems - Environmental Chambers on Steroids

Qualmark’s Typhoon chambers have been called environmental chambers on steroids because of the acceleration factor delivered by the advanced engineering behind our Typhoon series of HALT/ HASS chambers.

Reliability Testing and Environmental Chambers

Qualmark’s chamber technology leverages the stress-strength relationship for improving product performance and reliability margins, leapfrogging traditional environmental chamber capability in getting more reliable products to market faster. Traditional environmental chambers are just not built to detect a product’s true robustness potential. Nor can they detect manufacturing defects as quickly.

Typical ESS Chamber vs. Qualmark Typhoon Chamber
  Cooling Thermal Range Ramp Rate Vibration Combined Stresses
Qualmark Typhoon 4 HALT/HASS Chamber LN2 +200°C to - 100°C 70°C - 100°C per minute

Repetitive Random Shock
6 DoF (3 axis/3 rotational) Acceleration up to 100gRMS

Standard with 6 DoF
Environmental Chamber Mechanical +200°C to -75°C up to 20°C/minute N/A N/A
Agree Chamber Mechanical +200°C to -75°C up to 20°C/minute

dynamic single axis

Optional – single axis

Environmental Chambers that Stimulate not Just Simulate

Typical ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) chambers are designed to screen products to determine if they will function within given specifications – a simulation, if you will, of the intended use environment. But this approach to product reliability provides little insight into the true reliability, ruggedness or performance potential of a product. Qualmark’s chamber technology, by contrast, is engineered to stimulate product by incorporating state of the art, high-velocity airflow, thermal, and vibration systems which accelerate stress effects on units under test and reveals design or manufacturing flaws fast. Qualmark chambers can duplicate in a few hours what would take months or years to find in the field. These test chambers provide a very cost-effective and significant opportunity for bringing high quality products to market in a short period of time.

Cost Effective Environmental Testing

Traditional environmental chambers are associated with high operating costs and require expensive maintenance, yet provide limited product knowledge for that investment. Qualmark’s chamber technology provides a more robust reliability testing solution and is designed to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership for the fastest possible return on investment.

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculation

Qualmark test equipment empowers you to develop products with maximum reliability in the minimum amount of time. This means less development time and costs, fewer service calls and warranty claims. We’ll help you calculate the ROI Qualmark brings to your reliability test program.

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