The OVTT™, Omni-Axial Vibration Table Top system, is the first, stand-alone, compact, repetitive-shock vibration system on the market. The OVTT 18 system is ideal for No Fault Found (NFF) precipitation screens of field returns, repair verification and random vibration test of small products. The OVTT 18 utilizes Qualmark's patented six-degree-of-freedom vibration technology and is designed with reduced air requirements and low noice levels. The OVTT 18 system can be easily configured for placement inside a thermal chamber for combined stress tests.

OVTT 18 Specifications

Work Space

20”w x 20”d x 9.5”h (508 x 508 x 242mm)

Outer Dimensions
27”w x 34.76”d x 21.91”h (686 x 883 x 557mm)
Table Size
18” x 18” (457 x 457mm)
5 - 40gRMS (Bare Table)
Table Capacity
50 lbs (23kg)*
Power Requirements
120VAC/220-240 3A 50/60Hz
4 Lubricant Free
Air Requirements
30 SCFM at 90PSI

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