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Our partners enhance their own unique value offerings by leveraging Qualmark’s patented technology to bring the right solution to the right place at the right time. We’ve brought these industry-leading solution providers and technology partners together to provide you with critical resources, research, products and education to ensure you receive the best possible results from your accelerated reliability program.

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Solution Partner

  • Accelerated Reliability Solutions

    Accelerated Reliability Solutions offers customized consulting services in HALT and HASS for new or established electronics design and manufacturing companies seeking to incorporate or capitalize on already established HALT processes. Accelerated Reliability Solutions provides more than twenty years of HALT and HASS development experience guiding companies to the rapid adoption of HALT and HASS methods. Accelerated Reliability Services reduces organizations HALT and HASS learning curve by educating management and engineering personnel on the reasons, process, and the physics supporting HALT and HASS methods as well as specific case histories. Accelerated Reliability Solutions provides on-site HALT and HASS seminars, resource and test planning, strategies for system and subsystem HALT, and reliability improvement opportunities from HALT results. Accelerated Reliability Solutions has guided companies to a 90% reduction in warranty returns from the adoption of HALT and HASS. Accelerated Reliability Solutions provides on-site HALT and HASS seminars that explain the What, Why, and How to apply these efficient reliability development techniques.

  • Acteq Ingenierie

    Consulting partner offering assistance for Failure Analysis, Fixture Design, and HALT & HASS program development.

  • ApexRidge - Adam Bahret

    Apex Ridge Reliability is a diverse reliability engineering firm. Our mission is to provide tailored reliability solutions to our customers that advance their products in the market.We accomplish this by creating product programs that combine our technical experience with specialized partnered firms and resources for a complete and unique solution.

    Adam is a Mechanical and Electrical Systems Reliability expert with 20 years of experience in product development across many industries. He has worked extensively with reliability program strategy, accelerated testing methods HALT/HASS/QALT/ALT, System reliability measurement and improvement, predictive analysis, education programs, and organizational culture and practices. He has specialized experience in medical, robotics, electronic PCB, Ion Implantation, and Diesel Systems. Adam has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University, is an ASQ nationally certified reliability engineer and a member of IEEE

    You can learn more about Apex Ridge and Adam on his website at

  • Blu i Productions (Colorado)

    Blu i Productions Takes the Risk out of the Future by Testing Today: Are you new to the market, or are you a company that has had Accelerated Life Testing thrust upon you by an OEM? Blu i Productions is capable of meeting either need. As a Qualmark partner, Blu i Productions is a company that specializes in bringing the best of breed together. Whether your goals are Qualmark chamber training, Six Sigma process development, Regulatory Engineering Testing (to include UL Safety), Reliability goal setting (How do I get started?), or end-to-end ALT, HALT/ HASS custom solutions, Blu i productions is capable of meeting your needs.

  • DfR Solutions (Maryland)

    DfR Solutions works with companies and individuals throughout the life cycle of a product, lending a guiding hand that allows you to focus on creativity and ideas. Our expertise in electronics can provide crucial insights and solutions early in product design, throughout manufacturing, and even into the field. DfR has the resources to perform extensive failure analyses and to make recommendations regarding the products that remain in the field. Our expertise with lifetime prediction and statistical analysis all add to the finished report, providing a complete picture to our clients about their product.

  • HALT & HASS Consulting NZ Ltd. Consulting Services (New Zealand)

    HALT & HASS Consulting NZ offers a variety of services tailored towards various organizational sizes, capabilities and reliability experience. Our major goal is to ensure your organization understands the whole process we apply to your product while maintaining our ‘hands on’ approach. Though based in New Zealand, HALT & HASS Consulting NZ offers services around the world while applying particular focus to the Southern Hemisphere and Asia. We offer Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS), Alternate Part Qualification, HALT & HASS Lab Design & Setup, Lead Free Solder Qualification, Manufacturer Qualification, Reliability Predictions & Calculations, RMA Process, and Onsite Training.

  • Kydd Consulting L.L.C.

    Kydd Consulting is a young company with 3 years consulting in areas of accelerated testing, quality assurance and failure analysis. Before forming Kydd, Mr. Lamond was a senior Reliability Engineer / Technical Program Manager with over twenty plus years’ experience at Hewlett Packard and Foxconn Electronics. all the time ensuring the on-time and on-budget delivery of highly reliable, quality electronics products and production processes. He is currently leading engineering efforts with various clients for Reliability Enhancement in this area in the North America and Asia. Areas of Expertise:HALT / HASA, Practice and Theory training, Random and Non-Random vibration, Thermal Acceleration, DOE, Root Cause Analyses, FMEA, and Supplier Audits.

  • Reliability Economics

    Reliability Economics provides assessment and economic analysis of all aspects of reliability and quality improvements programs.

Technology Partner

  • GHI Systems (California)

    For over 30 years, GHI Systems has supplied thousands of customers with shock and vibration measurement systems. The ProCAT Spectrum Analyzer brings uniformity to the HALT/HASS process resulting in shorter times to market and a higher return on investment. Measuring chamber performance against product response characteristics by analyzing spectrums is the best way to ensure the machine is doing the job expected. ProCAT provides Transfer Functions that show mathematical relationships between spectrums for power uniformity surveys to improve fixture losses and excitation balance on products or between tables. Overlays are used to visually compare spectrums to prove that stressing power covers product resonances, and to improve uniformity to stress products evenly. Damage Potential Spectrums predict fatigue for comparing machine performance and improving the potential to produce fatigue. Streaming to Disk creates history files to document performance and track machine maintenance.

  • Midwest Cryogenics

    Midwest Cryogenics provides vacuum jacketed pipe systems that are custom engineered to meet your application needs. Midwest ensures quality liquid to keep your processes operating at their peak efficiency. Our systems give you the highest performance at the lowest operating cost. To ensure consistent pressure, the transfer of cryogenic liquid from tank to end use application is vital. We supply various styles and sizes of vacuum jacketed pipe accessories.

  • Taylor-Wharton

    Taylor-Wharton produces a comprehensive range of bulk and portable cryogenic storage units and a complete line of high pressure compressed gas cylinders and asbestos-free acetylene cylinders. The company’s manufacturing facilities in the United States, Malaysia, China and the Slovak Republic are strategically positioned to support the world’s major industrial gas markets. Founded in 1742, T-W is the oldest metal working company in continuous operation in the U.S.

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