Economics of HALT and HASS

Increase Product Reliability - Fast

Qualmark technology is specifically engineered to reduce the total cost of developing and supporting product throughout its lifecycle - from prototype testing, through production, and during warranty.

Reduce Design Verification Time and Expense

Design verification can be the lengthiest and one of the most costly processes in getting a new product to market. Qualmark's HALT and HASS chamber systems accelerate the process by applying stress extremes to expose as many failures as possible. In 3 to 5 days, design engineers can observe many more failures than found with Design Verification Testing (DVT), but which would most likely show up in the field. Finding and fixing these flaws before going into final verification testing reduce the number of DVT cycles and will help get new product out the door fast.

Remove Costly Manufacturing Defects

Qualmark's HALT and HASS chamber systems safeguard design integrity by detecting flaws introduced during the manufacturing process or from inferior parts substitutions by upstream suppliers. Implement accelerated stress testing to verify integrity of process, especially when dependent on remote contract manufacturers to deliver established quality goals.

Boost Product Reliability

Because Qualmark technology subjects products to stress extremes, failure modes are uncovered that otherwise would remain unaddressed. In the process, known destruct limits are revealed which provides an opportunity for design engineers to extend product margins beyond their initial design. This one-two punch significantly increases a product’s reliability in the field and provides the basis for formulating an enhanced and less costly warranty.

Reduce Warranty Costs

HALT and HASS deliver a far more rugged product than can otherwise be achieved. Infant failures have been effectively minimized, design margins have been extended, process flaws have been removed, and a far more reliable product has been shipped. Less warranty service, claims, recalls, liability exposure, and associated expenses result.

Increase Sales Revenues with Reputation for Quality

Decreased development costs and increased production integrity made possible by Qualmark technology maximizes per unit price margins and allows for a more competitive price point. Coupled with strong field performance, products subjected to accelerated stress testing are far more likely to deliver on profitability projections. A reliable performance reflects a company’s integrity and results in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is intrinsically linked with loyalty and increased market share. Other product lines will benefit and company’s overall cost of sale effectively reduced.

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