Year End Planning and Preparing Your Lab Budget – Part 1

HALT lab budget items

It’s almost the end of the year again, and whether you work for big or small company you know that it is time for submitting budgets for next year as well as making sure you’ve squeezed the last penny you can out of your budget for this year. If budgeting for operating your HALT lab is included in your task, I may be able to offer some assistance. I’ve been doing just that for the Qualmark HALT lab in Denver, Colorado for several years.

For next year’s budget:

Accelerometers: Put in for a couple of Triax’s as well, they are nice to have to evaluate fixturing effectiveness in multiple axes quickly

Fixturing Hardware: 80/20 extrusions, aluminum, Radel and/or Delrin stock

Data logging and test equipment: You could need any or all of the following:
Programmable power supplies
Bench data logger
New Oscilloscope or probes
Function Generator
DAQs for accelerometer monitoring (Like the Qualmark QDaq system)
Other Product-Specific monitoring equipment

Mill: We acquired a small mill at the Qualmark lab a few years ago and it has been invaluable for custom fixturing in aluminum, Radel or Delrin.

Band Saw

Soldering Station

Microscope with photo ability

But what if you have some year-end cash you need to use up? Here’s a few items that are always nice to stock up on.

Kapton tape
5 Min. Epoxy, Large Economy Size!
Loctite 454 for accelerometers
Hand tools
Dremel or equivalent
Nuts, bolts, washers and all-thread, 3/8”-20
80/20 hardware bits and pieces

If you don’t have a lab yet, next week’s blog will discuss budgeting for testing at an outside lab. Thanks for reading!

And remember – if it’s not broken, you’re not done yet!

Neill Doertenbach, Senior Applications Engineer, Qualmark Corporation

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