Bench Top Systems introduced the first stand-alone, compact, repetitive shock vibration system.



HASS Systems usher in a new era of product reliability management during the manufacturing process.



Multifunction Systems are perfect for performing on small products, or where limited lab space is available.

Typhoon 2.5+
Typhoon Inferno


Portable Systems features a quiet, vibration-isolated, and easy to use system for all products.


Professional HALT/HASS Company

ESPEC Qualmark has continuously been the largest manufacturer of HASS/HALT or accelerated reliability test equipment worldwide since pioneering the technology in the early 1990s. Our patented HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) chamber systems are recognized as one of the fastest and most effective disciplines for design reliability testing and production screening for electronics and electro-mechanical equipment. For this reason ESPEC Qualmark HASS/HALT systems are widely utilized by manufacturers, businesses, governmental agencies, engineers, and scientists to speed new products to market, shorten test turnaround, and improve quality and reliability. Over 500 of the Global 1,000 manufacturers rely on ESPEC Qualmark technology representing diverse industries such as Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Defense, Geothermal Exploration, Medical, and Sustainable Energy.

ESPEC Qualmark is the knowledge leader in accelerated stress testing methods with over 5,000 HALT/HASS tests conducted in ESPEC Qualmark's lab facilities and worldwide installations of over 1,200 systems in 33 countries. ESPEC Qualmark supports industry-leading research and development, provides expert application assistance, offers HALT/HASS certified training and education, and lends global support toward the advancement of the accelerated reliability test market.

Today, more than ever, testing programs are driven by market demand to provide reliable products whose timely releases keep pace with technology advancements. ESPEC Qualmark’s continued growth reflects our success in offering relevant solutions for customers caught in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Professional Services

The strategic focus of ESPEC Qualmark's Professional Services (PS) is to reduce customer warranty costs that are attributable to product failures by deploying and supporting an Accelerated Reliability Testing program. Learn more about our center below or follow this link for more information on Accelerated Reliability Testing...

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ESPEC Qualmark Industries

ESPEC Qualmark’s customers are some of the biggest manufactures of consumer products, encompassing the majority of the Fortune 500. Companies such as Honeywell, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Samsung, Sony and others have partnered with ESPEC Qualmark to implement and manage corporate-wide testing programs in order to meet market demand to provide reliable products whose timely releases keep pace with technology advancements.

HALT and HASS Resources

ESPEC Qualmark promotes relationships with people, organizations and resources to provide qualified expertise, insights, and answers that foster a greater understanding of HALT/HASS/HASA (Highly Accelerated Stress Audit) and to expand the knowledge surrounding accelerated stress testing.

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