NEW Mechanical HALT system

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ESPEC announces a compressor based HALT system, bringing a whole new level of accessibility and achievability to customers and locations where traditional HALT systems just aren’t feasible. Whether LN2 is difficult or too costly to attain and maintain, or the infrastructure just doesn’t allow for LN2, this is your answer. Likewise, this new system serves customers who want the LN2 boost for testing and achieving rapid thermal ramps, but perhaps don’t need it all the time for all testing. In those interim times, you have full accessibility and integration with mechanical refrigeration. The random shock vibration table provides the complete combined environment needed for full HALT testing. This is a robust system built on the proven, quality technologies from ESPEC and Qualmark, so you know you are investing in the best.  Part number: EQGNZ27-xxx

NEW Mechanical HALT system Specifications

Work Space

50.8” x 95.2” x 89.8” (1290 x 2419 x 2280 mm)

Outer Dimensions
50.8” x 95.2” x 89.8” (1290 x 2419 x 2280 mm)
Temperature Range
-70°C to +180°C
Table Size
30” x 30” (762 mm x 762 mm), xLF2-series
5 Grms to 75 Grms (10 Hz to 5000 Hz)
Table Capacity
320 lbs (145 kg)
Power Requirements
460V – 3φ – 60Hz, 45A (other models/sizes have different power requirements, contact ESPEC Qualmark)
(8) pneumatic, impulse-type, lubricant-free actuators
Air Requirements
64 SCFM @ 85 psi (1.81 m3/min @ 5.53 bar) Air quality conforms to ISO 8573.1, Class 4 or better
Thermal Ramp Rate
Heating °C/min Average Rate: 8°C/min; Cooling °C/min Average Rate: 5°C/min (other models with wider ranges available); Live load (60Hz at -50°C): 3.6kW

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