NEW Typhoon 2.5+ Inferno

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ESPEC Qualmark’s Inferno series has been specifically designed for accelerated testing of sophisticated devices that are destined for harsh operating environments. Our Infernos combine extreme thermal capability (+250ºC to -100˚C) with 6 degree of freedom random vibration to provide the stimulation necessary to analyze design weaknesses and extend operational margins for mechanisms expected to withstand severe physical hardships.

NEW Typhoon 2.5+ Inferno Specifications

Work Space

Lower Table Position: 35.0”w x 35.0”d x 35.0”h (889 x 899 x 899mm), Upper Table Position: 35.0”w x 35.0”d x 35.0”h (889 x 889 x 889mm)

Outer Dimensions
46.8”w x 61.6”d x 86.4”h (1188 x 1565 x 2193mm) * Doors Closed; 131.0”w x 67.6”d x 86.4”h (3229 x 1716 x 2193mm) * Doors Open
Temperature Range
+250°C TO -100°C
Table Size
30” x 30” (900 sq-in.) (762 x 762 mm)
5 – 75 gRMS typical (>100 gRMS special order)
Table Capacity
320 lb (145 kg)
Power Requirements
480V, 440V 3Φ 50/60Hz, 100A (Service Rating); 400V, 380V 3Φ 50/60Hz 120A (Service Rating)
8 pneumatic, impulse-type, lubricant-free actuators
Air Requirements
64 SCFM Max @ 85 psi (1.81 m3/min. at 5.9 bar)
Thermal Ramp Rate
70°C/min average

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