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ESPEC Qualmark is the 20 year leader in HALT and HASS technology. We offer that experience and knowledge to our customers in a variety of ways to suit all learning styles and corporate budgets.

ESPEC Qualmark’s Center of Excellence (COE) is the cornerstone for HALT and HASS professional services, training and education. Our application experts have worked very closely with product design and manufacturing customers from virtually all industries to develop Accelerated Stress Test (AST) programs that improve product reliability and deliver the fastest possible Return on Investment (ROI) on ESPEC Qualmark systems. Guidance from ESPEC Qualmark’s COE directs our service offerings to help ESPEC Qualmark customers understand and make the best possible use of the powerful reliability tool our HALT/HASS technology provides.

COE and Partner Labs

ESPEC Qualmark’s Center of Excellence (COE) is located at ESPEC Qualmark’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado and can be engaged directly for product SME (Subject Matter Expert) to ESPEC Qualmark SME collaboration in implementing HALT/HASS programs.

Additionally ESPEC Qualmark partners with a global network of approved Accelerated Reliability Test Centers (ARTC©) who have met ESPEC Qualmark criteria for performing effective HALT and HASS. These ARTC centers are also available for COEengagements to provide convenient, more locally based testing and professional services.

Center of Excellence Partner Labs

Professional Services

ESPEC Qualmark offers a full complement of professional consulting services to implement new HALT/HASS programs, refresh programs where employee turnover may have compromised the test process, assist bringing new product into the AST program or deploying HASS throughout supply chains.

Professional Services

Education and Training

ESPEC Qualmark offers a wide range of services specifically designed to ensure best practices are applied to HALT/HASS system use for maximum benefit. Because AST technology is unlike customary Burn-In testing, the approach is unique to test engineers trained in traditional methods. Like any new technology, it requires acceptance, buy-in, and full understanding of accelerated stress testing goals from practitioners to derive effective results. The aim of ESPEC Qualmark training and educational programs is to add to the value derived from accelerated testing by customizing services to target customer-specific program optimization. ESPEC Qualmark offers online educational programs; custom onsite training and education, and a variety of HALT/HASS group seminars. The educational value of ESPEC Qualmark’s Professional Services can dramatically improve reliability program outcomes and deliver faster product profitability.

ESPEC Qualmark endeavors to provide professional services, education and training so that our customers can realize the maximum benefit of our Typhoon and QFusion technology -- improved product reliability, faster times to market and reduced warranty claims.

Education and Training

Sales, Support, Services... One Group

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Qualmark is now a product line of ESPEC North America Inc. We look forward to continue serving you with the highest quality support and service, and now a much broader, stronger portfolio that can address even more of your testing needs. Together, we offer you a more complete testing solution.

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